David Petrillo's Portfolio

This website is a repository for some of the projects I have worked on recently.

Here is a link to my Resume.

Lutron Electronics, Design and Development Engineer  - June 2008 to April 2011:

    My work as a mechanical engineer at Lutron has been mostly with plastic injection molding technology. The two products pictured below are good examples of my work with plastic parts.

The first is an RF remote control for controlling lights and window shades. I worked with an outside consultant to design the plastic stand or "pedestal", which has design patents pending.

The second is an "RF dongle" for enabling RF communication in motorized window shades, which I designed myself and also has design patents pending.

On both projects I was responsible for the design of several plastic parts, prototyping and reviewing the designs and drawings with senior engineers, working with suppliers to buy hardened production grade injection molds and qualifying the molding process and the parts.

Lutron Electronics Mechanical Engineering Co-Op 2007:

    During my second co-op at Lutron, I was able to contribute during the prototyping and designing phase of a new skylight shade. I invented a new-to-the-industry tensioning system that allows precise horizontal operation of a silent roller shade with no visible cables or obstructions. The mechanism is patent pending. This product took another year to complete after my contribution was complete but is now a valuable part of Lutron's shading solutions.

Mechatronics lab final project at Lehigh University 2008:

    The objective of this project was to design a mechatronic system of our choosing. I chose an inertially guided hovercraft because it was a good platform for combining many aspects of feedback control and allowed me to make a very accurate model in Simulink.  I worked with one other person on this project who contributed mostly to the electrical hardware for the micro controller and mastering the embedded programming process.
Here is the final paper from that project.

FIRST Robotics, 1998 to Present:

    FIRST has been a life long activity for me. I have participated since 1998, when I was only 11. I have served in many different roles including captain, mentor and outside consultant. First has definitely made me the engineer I am today. It has allowed me to become very quick at generating ideas for mechanisms, and prototyping them in an iterative way. It gave me a very early working knowledge of a machine shop which helped me immensely in my college and professional career as an engineer. It also was great for developing my skills as a leader, team player, and a technical communicator.

Here are some pictures of the robots I have helped build.  Click through to the Picasa web album.

Formula SAE, 2004-2007:

I participated in the Formula SAE team for the better part of three years during my undergrad at Lehigh University. Formula SAE is an entirely student run team that builds a very fast, fully functional race car in two semesters. I was able to contribute a great deal to the fabrication and design of the car with my background from FIRST. I also learned a great deal about composites, as our car evolved into arguably the most advanced carbon fiber car at the competition. Below is a picture of the 2005 car and the nose cone which I designed and built. The report I submitted for its approval to the SAE competition can be found here.

Pig Roaster:

My love for cooking and my ingenuity often mix to create cooking apparatuses of bizarre origins.  Below is a picture of my second try at roasting a pig in my back yard. The drive that is turning the spit is from a powerful motorized window shade from my job in the Shades department at Lutron. The roaster is controlled by an RF remote control and dongle, which were projects of mine at Lutron, and are described above.

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