Catch A Glimpse

Seeing is believing.  Here is a montage! 

This is what I look like - when I am on vacation


 Here is my father

 Here is my mother

Here is Rachel


 Comet Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 Passes the Earth

Credit & Copyright: Thad V'Soske ( 

Here is a Photo of my Expanding Family 

The boy is Kevin and the pink shirted daughter is Rachel.  The yellow shirted guy is Kevin. I am the rightmost with my arm around is my wonderful wife Shari. Number one Topaz is holding the dog.  We have recently added a son-in-law named Bill and less recently added a dog named Gypsy.

So that is the family!


 Here are the Kids

Rachel, Kevin, and Topaz


 Camping Trip in West Virginia

Here is a funny shot of  me and some of my pals