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David Nickle lives and works in Toronto, where he covers municipal matters for the Toronto Community News group of newspapers. His fiction has been published in magazines, anthologies and online, and been adapted for television. In 1997, he and Edo Van Belkom won a Bram Stoker Award for their short story "Rat Food." In 1993, he and Karl Schroeder co-wrote "The Toy Mill" and won an Aurora Award for short form work in English. In 1997, they published The Claus Effect, an expansion on that story. It's available from EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing. Some of his stories are collected in Monstrous Affections, published in 2009 by ChiZine Publications. In 2010, Monstrous Affections was awarded the Black Quill Reader's Choice Award for best dark genre collection. His novel Eutopia: A Novel of Terrible Optimism, was released by ChiZine Publications in the spring of 2011, Rasputin's Bastards was released in 2012, and his new novel The 'Geisters will be released in June 2013.

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For a current and comprehensive list of stories, books and awards,  there's a C.V. on the website, right here

Information on Eutopia: A Novel of Terrible Optimism is available right here.

Information on Monstrous Affections is available right here.

Information on The Claus Effect is available  right here.

Information on Rasputin's Bastards is available right here.

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In the Press

High-Resolution Author Photograph, copyright 2010 by Karen Fernandez

High-Resolution image of  Cover, Monstrous Affections, copyright 2009 by Erik Mohr

High Resolution image of Cover, Eutopia: A Novel of Terrible Optimism, copyright 2011 by Erik Mohr

High Resolution image of Cover, Rasputin's Bastards, copyright 2012 by Erik Mohr

High Resolution Image of Cover, The 'Geisters, copyright 2013 by Erik Mohr

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