About me:

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at Boston University.  My primary research and teaching interests include political institutions - especially courts, public opinion about institutions, learning and decision making, policy diffusion, law and regulation. I mostly teach undergraduate law and courts classes and will soon be teaching a new class about the political science and policy in HBO's the Wire.  I am currently studying the interaction of public opinion, the Supreme Court, and healthcare using data from a panel survey that I collected with my BU colleague Dino Christenson. In a second project, I am studying the consequences of conspiracy theories on confidence in government with my colleague Katie Einstein. 

I grew up near Boston. Before graduate school at Princeton I was an undergraduate at Williams College and worked in Cambridge for two years as a strategy consultant with the Monitor Group. I spent the last two years as a fellow at the Rockefeller Center for Public Policy at Dartmouth. I spend much of my free time staying active, often with my dog Zoe, and doing amateur home improvement projects. I  play basketball, soccer, and softball. I also ski, golf, and ride my bike whenever I can - which is very rarely. 


Recent Work (most in progress)

2013-Learning by Mimicking and Modifying: A Model of Policy Knowledge Diffusion with Evidence from Legal Implementation (Forthcoming, Journal of Law, Economics and Organization)

2013 - Safety in Numbers: Mainstream-Seeking Diffusion in Response to Executive Compensation Regulations, Quarterly Journal of Political Science: Vol. 8:No 2, pp 95-125

2013Crowdsourcing Panel Studies and Real-Time Experiments in MTurk, The Political Methodologist Vol 20, No. 2, March 2013 (with Dino P. Christenson)

Roberts's Health Care Decision Disrobed: The Microfoundations of the Court's Legitimacy (with Dino P. Christenson), Revise and Resubmit,

Do I think BLS data are BS? The Consequences of Conspiracy Theories (with Katherine Levine Einstein) - under review

Scandals, Conspiracies and the Vicious Cycle of Cynicism (with Katherine Levine Einstein)

Domain Specific Change: The Supreme Court and Public Support for Health Reform  (with Dino P. Christenson) - under review

Mimicking and Modifying: An Experiment in Learning From Others (With C. Daniel Myers)

Wise, Conventional, or Wise and Conventional: A Model of Incomplete Information, Commonality Preferences, and Learning from Others  (With C.Daniel Myers)

How Often Do States Learn? From Whom? Evidence of Policy Knowledge Diffusion from New Hampshire and Vermont (With Zoe Friedland) - Revise and Resubmit, American Politics Research