A psychotherapist and supervisor in private practice for over 20 years in London, David now practices in Norwich, Norfolk in the city centre.  

David was a longstanding trainer and group supervisor at the Minster Centre, providing professional training and supervision in counselling and psychotherapy. His 20 years’ professional experience includes work with groups, couples and individuals. He was the Minster Centre’s representative to the UKCP, where, over a number of years and has become increasingly involved in the politics of the profession.

 Professional History

·      Private practice: psychotherapy and supervision in Norwich, from January 2014.

·      Private practice: psychotherapy and supervision in own Muswell Hill clinic, since qualifying in 1991.

·      UKCP representative for the Minster Centre since 2004; UKCP board of trustees, ordinary member, 2007 and 2009;                         HIPS section constitutional committee member, 2011.

·      NHS surgery: therapy, assessment and treatment strategy, spanning 12 years to 2010.

·      Trainer at the Minster Centre, London, since 2004, including group supervision, and head of first year training for 4 years.

·      Group process and community building with 450 people: 10 consecutive days each year at Dance Camp East, for 7 years.

·      Research participant in 4 year programme investigating the impact for families of educational and therapeutic input at point of birth of first child. PIPPIN (Parents in Partnership) 1991-95

·      Parenting group facilitator, 3 years for Parent Network 1989-93



·      Diploma Integrative Psychotherapy, Minster Centre, London, 1997

·      Hypnotherapy, NLP & CBT trainings: British Hypnosis Research, also providing supervision to students. 1991

·      Contemporary Shamanism, 1 year course at Eagle’s Wing Centre, London.

·      Co-counselling, Re-evaluation counselling.


Previous Career

·      Founded and ran English Language school in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

·      Director, Shield Investments Ltd, subsidiary of Shield Group plc

·      Finance officer, F1 racing team, March Grand Prix



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The Ethics of Authenticity and the Transpersonal Self”, paper presented at first UKCP Ethics Conference, London, 2006.


Other Information: Improvising musician and poet. Studies philosophy with Tom Rubens, and singing with Bridget deCourcey. 3 children, 2 step-children (all adult), partner Debra Sequoia is a practising hypnotherapist and teaches childbirth preparation.