Is rape okay?

No, taxation is not rape, it is worse


After all, at least most rapes are a one time event, instead of repeated throughout your life. As with tax violence, some people suffer thru life, but at least it is not a life long event.
And also, at least the rapist rarely requires you to sign a form to be raped, and reveal major portions of your private life in doing so.  Privacy is violated in both cases, but most of the time, the rapist attacks once and is gone forever.  Plus, most rapists only just rape a single person, but very rarely the whole family and friends too, robbing the victim of their support network in times of greatest need.  And most rapes involve a single person, not an entire mob and system.  If you fight off a rapist, he will rarely come back with a mob of thugs and make you pay for it.

Most rapists will not deny you your house, your retirement savings, and your kids college fund. Most will not try to co-opt others like your employer.  Some will send repeated threatening letters threatening life and property (like the IRS does).  Most victims of rape can turn to the authorities for help, but with taxes they are the authorities.   Sometimes
the rapist will kill their victims, sometimes the government does too.  With rape, if they find the attacker they will expose him in front of a jury and plead to have him put away.  But with taxes, they will do that to the victim.

Most of the time when someone is raped, they will receive sympathy from the democratic mob, but not with taxes.  In fact, it is the democratic mob justifying and imposing it.  There is no sympathy for the tax evader.  If a democratic mob votes to authorize a rape, does it make it ok?  Well, with taxes it apparently does.  Also peoples sense of fairness is just plain warped when it comes to taxes.   Nobody would say that that it's only fair that you get raped because your mother was raped too.  However, with taxes they say you are obligated to pay your "fair share", as if because some people "pay", other's should.  Also, if someone said it's good to rape a woman if she's rich - like a super model, or a rock star, they would be considered a psycho in need of confinement.  Well, with taxes, it is apparently not psycho at all, it's leadership.  "The rich deserve to be raped even more", oops, I mean taxed.

If a woman refuses to "spread-em", and refuses to submit and sign a consent form for legitimizing her rape, will people call her a "rape cheat", like they call people "tax cheats".  And if all the other girls were raped, is it only fair that she gets raped too.  Maybe someone will decry how much she is obligated to the rapist, and how much she owes them.  They'll claim she benefits from the taxes, I mean rape, that she "enjoys it".  And if she resists rape and takes a beating for it, will people tell her that she had it coming, that she got what she deserved for non compliance?  What if someone told you they only sure things in life are death and rape?  Sounds like a threat, doesn't it?

So how civilized is our society in the 21st century?  How rational is our world in the age of science?  Yeah, taxes are not the same as rape, that's for sure.