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This is the online portfolio for David Lanciani. Here you will find information about my career path, including my work in the printing industry, graphic arts, design, audio/music projects I have completed, technology I have worked with, and a copy of my resume.

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Printing and Graphic Arts
I have been involved in many different aspects of the printing industry since 1985. My experience includes offset printing, flexography, digital printing, and corrugated tooling. I started out as a freelance graphic designer, and eventually transitioned into pre-press, where I have spent most of my career, and have gathered a great deal of experience. In the most recent years, my career path has evolved into customer service, price estimating and project coordination, along with tooling inspection.

Music and Audio Production
I have been a music lover and musician since 1976. Starting out as a guitarist, and eventually learning to play bass, keyboards and drums, I learned about the art and craft of music composition, recording, and production. I recorded my first multi-track music by running one cassette tape recorder through a mixer and played along as I recorded to another recorder. Soon I bought my first 4-track recorder, and eventually learned how to use computer software and MIDI technology to capture and realize my own "works of art".

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I am positive thinking, yet pragmatic. I believe teamwork is essential in the completion of tasks. I believe in responsible and truthful disclosure of business practices. I am a problem solver who can deal well with change and can quickly adapt to new technologies and learn them as needed in the constantly evolving business industries.

Art and music, and the printed media industry have long been a part of both my personal and professional life. I am tremendously (and somewhat obsessively) passionate about quality in the creation of and consumption of art, music and the various products in the print industry.