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Macro Lunch

UCSD Macro Lunch

Mondays from 12:00 to 1:00pm in ECON 200.

Spring 2016

    Mar 28 - Marianna Kudlyak (Richmond Fed) presents "Estimating Matching Efficiency with Variable Search Effort" (joint with Andreas  Hornstein)

    Apr 4 - Eul Noh present "State-Dependent Effects of Government Spending: A Markov Regime-Switching Approach" 

    Apr 11 - Wenbin Wu presents "Durable Goods, Monetary Policy and Nominal Rigidity"

    Apr 18 - Yifei Lyu presents "The Macroeconomic Effects of Oil Price Shocks: Are We Sure the 2000s Are Different?

    Apr 25 - Shixan Xie presents "Monetary Policy Shocks, Regional House Prices and Employment"

    May 2 - Daniela Vidart presents "Labor Informality and the Business Cycle in Latin America"

    May 9 - Xu Zhang presents "Measuring the Effect of Forward Guidance in a Macroeconomic Model" /

               Asad Dossani presents "Central Bank Press Conferences and Currency Risk Aversion"

    May 16 - Jessie Wang presents "Hire or Care: The Aggregate Implication of Elderly Care on Household Labor Supply

    May 23 - Ying Feng presents "Firm Learning and Misallocation Dynamics"

Previous Talks

Fall 2015

    Sep 29 - Olga Denislamova presents “The Cyclical Behavior of Equilibrium Unemployment and Vacancies” (2005) by Robert Shimer

    Oct 6 - Ying Feng presents “Efficient Search on the Job and the Business Cycle” (2011) by Guido Menzio and Shouyong Shi

    Oct 13 - Nels Lind presents "Good Booms, Bad Booms" by Gary Gorton and Guillermo Ordonez

    Oct 20 - Daniela Vidart presents "Exogenous versus Endogenous Separation" (2012) by Shigeru Fujita and Garey Ramey

    Oct 27 - Wendy Zeng presents "Do Matching Frictions Explain Unemployment? Not in Bad Times" (2014) by Pascal Michaillat

    Nov 3 - Shihan Xie presents "On the Robustness of Monetary Policy Identification Methods"

    Nov 10 - Leland Farmer presents "Estimating a DSGE Model with Endogenous Long Run Risk using Macroeconomic and Financial Data"

    Nov 17 - Erin Wolcott presents "The Race Between Man and Machine: Implications of Technology for Growth, Factor Shares and Employment" by Acemoglu and Restrepo

    Nov 24 - Jessie Wang presents "The Aggregate Implication of the Aging Baby Boomer Generation on Household Labor Supply”

    Dec 1 - Wenbin Wu presents "The Aggregate Effects of Sales" 

Summer 2014 Schedule

    Jul 23 - Ellen McGrattan, Univ. Minnesota, "On Financing Retirement with an Aging Population" (with Ed Prescott)

    Jul 30 - David Lagakos, UCSD, "Average Hours Worked in the Cross-Section of Countries" (with Nicola Fuchs-Schuendeln, Alex Bick)

    Aug 6 - Sungje Byun, UCSD, "A New Volatility Forecasting Framework: Panel-ARCH"

    Aug 13 - Larry Schmidt, UCSD, "Climbing and Falling off the Ladder: Asset Pricing Implications of Labor Market Event Risk"

    Aug 20 - Carola Binder, UC Berkeley, "Consumer Inflation Uncertainty and the Macroeconomy: Evidence from a New Micro-Level Measure"

    Aug 27 - No meeting

    Sep 3 Stephie Fried, UCSD, "Carbon Taxes, Innovation and Oil Shocks: A Quantitative Macroeconomic Analysis"

    Sep 10 - Leland Farmer, UCSD, "Pockets of Predictability" (with Allan Timmerman and Larry Schmidt)

    Sep 17 - Koji Takahashi, UCSD, "Real Effects of the End of Bank-Borrower Relationships: Evidence from Loan-Level Data

    Sep 24 - Nels Lind, UCSD, "Identification, Indeterminacy, and a Monetary Policy Trap"

David Lagakos,
Oct 6, 2015, 8:23 PM