My publication Cross Cultural Capability and Global Perspectives has been adopted and adapted by a number of universities. The document offers a series of reflective questions for course teams undertaking curriculum review with a focus on internationalisation. The guidelines are published under a Creative Commons licence to enable any institution or subject area to tailor to their own context. I have also edited two publications for embedding  and enabling your students to develop a global outlook as a graduate attribute across the undergraduate curriculum. 

Developing the Global Student: higher education in an era of globalization is a book in the Routledge Internationalization of Higher Education series in which I set out to question how students of higher education can emerge from their university lives better equipped to dwell amidst the turmoils of a globalizing world. 

In the book Internationalisation and Diversity in HigherEducation: Implications for Teaching, Learning and Assessment, I begin to link the agendas of curriculum internationalisation/internationalisation at home and multicultural education to create a higher education appropriate to diverse students in diverse contexts.

In Developing Intercultural Practice: AcademicDevelopment in a Multicultural and Globalizing World, I model critical intercultural practice for academic developers working in the emerging contexts of the post-national university, in and for a multicultural and globalising world.

I offer bespoke workshops for academic leaders, policy makers and course and programme teams seeking to internationalise the curriculum and the student experience.

I offer workshops for academics, librarians and learning support colleagues on working effectively with international students.

I offer half-day and full day workshops on cross-cultural capability and intercultural communication for academics working across national borders, either as fly-in faculty or supporting other academics in TNE provision.