Higher education can be the most diverse environment that we or our students ever encounter. We have colleagues and students from a range of nationalities, ethnicities, sexualities and abilities working and studying alongside one another. Most universities will talk about the 'richness' of their diverse population, or about 'celebrating' diversity on campus. While diversity can be rich and a cause for celebration, to make the best of the opportunities it offers, and to avoid the potential for stereotyping and segregation, there is work which needs to be done. 

Based in my extensive experience with international students and working in a range of international contexts in particular, I can help academics and administrators critically reflect upon their own approach to diversity, and explore ways in which might be enabled to do the same.

In the book Internationalisation and Diversity in HigherEducation: Implications for Teaching, Learning and Assessment, I begin to link the agendas of curriculum internationalisation/internationalisation at home and multicultural education to create a higher education appropriate to diverse students in diverse contexts.

I offer half-day and full day workshops on critical approaches to diversity for academics, librarians, learning support and administrative staff.

I offer half-day and full day workshops on cross-cultural capability and intercultural communication for academics working across national borders, either as fly-in faculty or supporting other academics in TNE provision.