Personal page for Dr David K Hardman

Current teaching
  • Module leader for PY1004C+N Cognitive Psychology 1
  • Module leader for PY3015C Thinking and Deciding
  • Contributor to PY2005C+N Cognitive Psychology 2
  • Supervision of 2nd year labs and final year projects
Other responsibilities
Input to teaching and learning-related matters; e.g. curriculum development, web provision, assessment strategies, etc. In general, facilitation of good practice.


Web activity
Wiki sites
Teaching Learning Assessment. This site provides information on a range of topics related to the three terms in the title, particularly entry-level guidance about various e-learning applications. If you wish to add to the site, go to the link above and apply to join as a member.
 Cognitive Psychology (currently under construction)
Other shared stuff at:
Principal Lecturer in Learning Development
School of Psychology
London Metropolitan University
Calcutta House
Old Castle Street
London E1 7NT
United Kingdom
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BSc (hons) Psychology: University of Plymouth (1990)
PhD (psychology of reasoning): University of Wales, Cardiff (1994).
Academic interests
Judgment and decision making, cognitive psychology, evolutionary psychology, pedagogy.
Hardman, D., & Macchi, L. (2003). Thinking: Psychological perspectives on reasoning, judgment, and decision making. Chichester, UK: Wiley.
Selected papers
Hardman, D., Villiers, C., & Roby, S. (2007). Another look at birth order and familial sentiment: Are middleborns really different? Journal of Evolutionary Psychology, 5 (1-4), 197-211.
Elander, J., & Hardman, D. (2002). An application of judgment analysis to examination marking in psychology. British Journal of Psychology, 93, 303-328.