Worshiping Jesus

Worshiping Jesus

The Lord wants us to worship Him all the time, to perform our daily tasks as an act of worship.

It is not only that we say in our souls or say aloud, "Jesus, I worship You. Lord, I love You" while we are doing a certain action. No, this is something different, where the very act itself is a means of worship as surely as the Old Testament priest bowed his body before the manifest glory of the Lord at the temple dedication.

This is where we tie our shoes as an act of worship, where we cut our vegetables as an act of worship, where we walk through the house as an act of worship.

Doing things, saying words, thinking thoughts - it all becomes worship to God.

How do we do this? We first must recognize our dreadful fallenness. As we beg God's mercy and grace, He comes to us in love and cleansing. Then we present our bodies a living sacrifice to Him. We do nothing that we know displeases the Father.

Then we say, "Jesus, I want to do this task as an act of worship" and then we do the task with devotion in our heart and we ask God to help us to do it as an act of worship.

And God will help us.

If we fail, if we do something that is not an act of worship, if we sin against God, we simply repeat the process.