David Johansen (1978)
The David Johansen Group Live (1978)
In Style (1979)
Here Comes The Night (1981)
Live It Up (1982)
Sweet Revenge (1984)

Buster Poindexter (1987)
Buster Goes Berserk (1989)
Buster's Happy Hour (1994)
Buster's Spanish Rocket Ship (1997)

David Johansen & The Harry Smiths (2000)
Shaker (2002)

SINGLES (coming soon)

Crucial Music: The David Johansen Collection (1990)
From Pumps To Pompadour: The David Johansen Story (1995)
Looking Good (1996)
Hot Hot Hot (2006)

Times Square: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1980)
"Flowers Of The City" - David Johansen and Robin Johnson

Better An Old Demon Than A New God (1984)
"Imaginatin' Cocktail" - David Johansen

A Diamond Hidden In The Mouth Of A Corpse (1985)
"Johnsonius" - David Johansen

My Science Project Soundtrack (1985)
"Hit And Run" - David Johansen

China Girl Soundtrack (1987)
"Chinatown Tonight" - David Johansen

Stay Awake: Various Interpretations Of Music From Vintage Disney Films (1988)
"Castle In Spain" - Buster Poindexter And The Banshees Of Blue

Scrooged: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1988)
"Brown Eyed Girl" - Buster Poindexter

The Simpsons Sing The Blues (1989)
"School Days (Ring! Ring! Goes The Bell)" - Bart Simpson featuring Buster Poindexter

Mr. Nanny Soundtrack (1993)
"Rough Stuff" - Buster Poindexter
"Attitude Dude" - M.C. 12 Steps
"I Don't Wanna Go To School" - Doghouse
"Dream Dad" - Emily Bindiger
(all of the above written by David Johansen and Brian Koonin)

Car 54, Where Are You? Soundtrack (1994)
"Mambo Luv" - David Johansen and Coati Mundi

A Tribute To Johnny Thunders: I Only Wrote This Song For You (1995)
"Some Hearts" - David Johansen

In Their Own Words, Vol. 2 (1996)
"Intro" & "Looking For A Kiss" - David Johansen

September Songs: The Music Of Kurt Weill (1997)
"Alabama Song" - David Johansen

Burnzy's Last Call: Original Soundtrack (1999)
"Space Monkey" & "I Want To Be At My Own Funeral" - David Johansen

Gary Lucas: Improve The Shining Hour (2000)
"Spider Web" - featuring David Johansen

Downtown Messiah (2000)
"People That Walked In Darkness" - David Johansen and Choir

Evangeline Made: A Tribute To Cajun Music (2002)
"Ma Mule" - David Johansen

Auto Focus: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2002)
"Snap" - Buster Poindexter

Crooked Lines Soundtrack (2003)
"Oh Babe, What Would You Say?" - Buster Poindexter

Stormy Weather: The Music Of Harold Arlen (2003)
"Kickin' The Gong Around" - David Johansen

Lightning In A Bottle: Original Soundtrack Recording (2004)
"Killing Floor" (Live) - David Johansen and Hubert Sumlin

The Aviator: Music From The Motion Picture (2004)
"Ain't 'Cha Glad" - David Johansen

Jim White Presents Music From Searching For The Wrong-Eyed Jesus (2005)
"The Last Kind Words" - David Johansen and Larry Saltzman

Hubert Sumlin: About Them Shoes (2005)
"The Same Thing" and "Walkin' Through The Park" - featuring David Johansen

Frankenstein 3000: America's Hit Remakers (2005)
"Babylon" - featuring David Johansen

City Folk Live 8 (2005)
"Looking For A Kiss (Live at WFUV, Bronx, NY)" - David Johansen

The Harry Smith Project Live, Vol. 1 (2006)
"Old Dog Blue (Live)" - David Johansen And The Harry Smiths

The Harry Smith Project Live, Vol. 2 (2006)
"James Alley Blues (Live)" - David Johansen And The Harry Smiths

Gary Lucas & Gods And Monster: Coming Clean (2006)
"One Man's Meat" - featuring David Johansen

Harder & Heavier:  60's British Invasion Goes Heavy Metal (2010)
"Do Wah Diddy Diddy" - David Johansen

Take It Or Leave It - A Tribute To The Queens Of Noise: The Runaways (2011)
"Blackmail" - David Johansen

Boardwalk Empire Volume 2: Music From The HBO Original Series (2013)
"Strut Miss Lizzie" - David Johansen featuring Vince Giordano & The Nighthawks

Light My Fire: A Classic Rock Salute To The Doors (2014)
"People Are Strange" - David Johansen and Billy Sherwood

Beck: Song Reader (2014)
"Rough On Rats" - David Johansen