My Story - Since I can remember I've had the passion to build and create things. Whether it be a dog house, club houses, or pigeon coops. I love taking pieces of wood and producing a piece for others to use and enjoy. I love to create! In 2002, my father-in-law Stuart Kingsley presented me with an unexpected gift - a scroll saw. At first I didn't know what a scroll saw was. It didn't matter, all I knew is I wanted the scroll saw. A few days later I was driving to Oxnard, CA from Stockton, CA to meet Stuart and pick up the saw. Since that day I've made countless plaques, wildlife art, signage, and much more. Today my creations have expanded to outdoor furniture, planter boxes, benches, vases, and much more. I'm very grateful that Stuart thought of me and fueled my passion for woodworking and creating. Take a look at my shop.

My Mission is to honestly communicate with you, while providing you with a quality product built from care and passion.

My Vision is to impact and touch lives in anything I do, if its teaching high school math 
(my day job), building wood creations, tutoring, serving, etc.