An Unexpected Gift - A Scroll Saw 

My father-in-law, Stuart Kingsley, asked me one day if would like his scroll saw. I said, "sure". After I hung up the phone, I asked myself, "What is a scroll saw?" It didn't matter, all I knew is I wanted the scroll saw. A few days later I was driving to Oxnard, CA from Stockton, CA to pick up the scroll saw. I was hoping my car would be big enough. Long story short, my car was big enough, and since that day I've made countless plaques, wildlife art, signage, furniture, cabinetry for the garage, and much more. I'm very grateful that Stuart thought of me. Below are some pictures of recent work I have completed. Thank you for visiting my shop.

8' Redwood Planter Box
72" Wide Farmhouse Style Benches
8' Redwood Picnic Table