Working papers

(The most updated version of the following papers is available upon request).

“False Consensus in Games: Bounded Reasoning and Recursive Beliefs” 

“Cooperative and Competitive Reasoning: From Games to Revolutions”

“Nudging and Phishing: A Theory of Behavioral Welfare Economics”

“The Evolution of Self-Control in the Brain”

“Chain Restaurant Calorie Posting Laws, Obesity and Consumer Welfare”, with Charles Courtemanche, Michael Price and Mariétou Ouayogodé

“Social Pressure and Network Structure Induce Public Good Provision”

Research in progress

“How Sensitive is Health Behavior to Plan Deductibles? A Regression Discontinuity Approach”, with Jonathan Davis, John List and Daniel Tannenbaum

“Nudging Present Bias out of Food Choice: A Field Experiment Measuring Its Welfare Effects”, with John List and Anya Samek