Signal Appendix Mobile Fleet Doctrine

This Signal Appendix was issued on 23 August 1944 as a supplement to Mobile Fleet Doctrine dated 25 March 1944. The text would indicate there was a similar item issued with the March document. It is primarily a signals document and as such contains numerous formation diagrams and signals for assuming those formations as well as other signals: examples of signals for assuming alert cruising orders (3), course change by following in wake of guide (1), simultaneous turn change of course (1), circular formations (18), signals for variation from standard distance with a table (6), rotation of formation axis (1), anti submarine formations (11), formations for take off and landing (5), daily flight operations signals (2) and formation for replenishment (2). In addition there are signals for advising that the signalling ship has intercepted enemy radar, radio, etc transmissions. At the end there is a decode section.  

Signal appendix
I. Order of Cruising under alert (Keikaikoko)
II. Circular Formations
III. Antisubmarine Formations
IV. Order of approach
V. Standard Landing and take off procedure for carrier-borne airplanes
VI. Various regulations for taking on returning airplanes
VII. Standard procedure for avoiding torpedo and bombing attacks
VIII. Standard ship-borne radar search procedure
IX. Standard formations for supplying
X.Signal communications systems
XI, Prearranged signals (signal appendix)