Research on Mobile Force Tactics

In 1943 Yokosuka Kokutai (Air Group) which served as the Japanese Naval Air Force "think tank" issued Research on Strike (Mobile) Force Tactics. This document summarized the lessons learned in the 1942 carrier battles. Those lessons missed the impact of radar on carrier fighting and proposed a method of fighting quite different from that of the U. S. Navy. Flanking, deception, decoys and the like were all a part of the mix. The proposals here were carried over to Mobile Force Doctrine, which is one of the documents here.

Research on Striking (Mobile) Force Tactics
Yokosuka Kokutai Serial #45 20 May 1943
(CINPOA Item 9718)
I. Introduction
A. Extension of Strike Range
B. Weakness of Carriers
C. Importance of Decisive Battle
2. Battle Experience
3. Methods of Fighting Decisive Battles
A. Envelopment on Both Flanks
B. Envelopment with your Main Strength on One Flank
C. Turning
A. Principles of Task Organization
B. Methods of Use
C. Organization and Number of Planes Required for an
Air Attack Unit
D. Computation Tables
E. Gathering Intelligence
5. Conclusions