Northern Force Operations Orders

Vol 11       Northern Force Ultrasecret Operations Orders, Serials, etc, 
Communications Lessons from Battle of Attu (Komandorski),
Doctrine for Interception Zone 
A. Northern Force Ultra Secret Operations Orders, Serials, etc.
I. Northern Force Patrol Orders
A. Policy
B. Division of Force
C. Duties and movements of each unit
D. Patrol force operational communications plan
II. Outline of Supply for Northern Patrol Force
III. Crudiv 21 Outline Chart of Patrol Maneuvers under Normal
IV. Statement of Chief of Staff re miscellaneous matters morale, 
training etc
V. Table of approximate estimates of fuel consumption for AL
VI. Summary of statement of Northern Force Commander Ko ops
VII. Plan for Table Top Maneuvers # 5 Spring 1944
VIII. ComDesron One directive re experiments with super range of
Type 93 Torpedo
IX. Outline of Northern Force Operations  Third Phase Ops. 
X. Battle Lessons, Observations and outline of progress of
Communications in Battle off Attu Island
A. Divisionof forces, strength and principle duties
B. Communications Plan for A Operation (Attu)  
communications disposition and procedure
C. Outline of communications control and progress
of communications aboard flagship NACHI
D. Outline of progress in intercepting enemy 
communications, personnel dispostions, situation &
communications of American forces
E. Damage and damage control aboard NACHI, MAYA
TAMA and ABUKUMA with sketch of mainmast of 
NACHI (hit by American shell) and chart of movements
F. Battle lessons and observations; communications
procedure, important communication matters, equipment
hull fitting out,training, interception of enemy communications
code, general observations.