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I have been interested in naval history and more particularly the Pacific War for more years than I care to admit. Since the late 1940s to early 1950s I have collected all sorts of books, magazines, original source materials and the like. In the early 1960s I was an officer in the U. S. Navy serving as an Operations Officer on an Ocean Minesweeper. There I developed a true love and taste for tactics. Through the years I have uncovered many translated documents of the Imperial Japanese Navy. This web site is devoted to those documents in the hopes it will fill a gap in the literature of that navy.


I welcome comments, corrections, criticisms, recommendations and additional data. I would point out that much of the data here is from original sources so corrections are entertained but they will not change much of what is posted. I do from time to time join in the discussions on some of the familiar sites. That is where I restrict my comments, etc outside the subject matter of this site.  


There is only so much time in a day so I will not reply to the following types of inquiries:


Requests for information that is already on the site.


Requests to do school work.


Requests not related to Signals, Tactics and Doctrine. That is what the site is about.


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Links to sites of interest:


The first link almost has to be Jon Parshall’s Nihon Kaigun, your one stop shop for most everything related to the Japanese Navy in World War II. If you cant find it there in all likelihood Jon has linked you to the site where it can be found!

Nihon Kaigun:


Tony Tully was Jon’s co author in “Shattered Sword”, what is becoming the definitive telling of the Japanese side of the Battle of Midway. This is one of two excellent chat rooms with a heavy emphasis on the IJN.

Tony Tully’s IJN and other Navies Guest Book:


Similar but not quite the same as Tony’s site is this chat room. This page is run by Ed Low who has been of invaluable assistance in some of the art work here. It is part of a larger site; j-aircraft, which is devoted to all manner of Japanese aviation and naval lore. I recommend the Research Pages as well as the Ships and Aircraft Board. I have posted a couple of pages from my original sources there.

Japanese Ships and Navy Board (j-aircraft message board):

j-aircraft research board:


This is Ed Low’s personal project. He has under development two virtual models: cruiser TONE and destroyer FUYUTSUKI. A cruise around the site is well worth the time. He has posted numerous sources, particularly magazines and books from Japan about the IJN with scans of their covers.

Mechanisms of IJN Warships in 3-D:


Though not about the IJN this particular page from Anthony Lovell’s superb Dreadnought Project web site was the primary inspiration for my site. Tone gives credit to Ed’s Mechanism’s site as his inspiration. What goes around comes around! Tone has also been very helpful in formatting this site. Without Ed and Tone I am not sure I could have done it.

The Dreadnought Project: Naval Research Documents:


Bill Schleihauf contribution to the World War I site is invaluable for those interested in the naval aspects of that war. Bill was kind enough to let me post one of my papers, not included here on his site in the Tactics section. Look for “Cruisers and Destroyers in the General Action”, a U. S. Naval War College paper from 1937 discussing USN prewar thinking on the subject. It is very interesting from the “what if” viewpoint.

WWI: The War at Sea: