Marianas Operations
This page is for posting certain documents related to the Marianas Operations in 1944

Battle Experience Supporting Operations for the Capture of the Marianas Islands (Saipan Guam and Tinian) June-August 1944 (Third Major Stepping Stone Westward: Secret Information Bulletin no. 20, 21 December 1944. This is a scan of the original document. The original in my possession was taken off microfilm and printed in the 1970s consequently the quality of the photographs is quite poor. pp. 74-54 and 74-55 are fold outs and are copied here as two sheets each.

Japanese materials:

Japanese Monograph 90 "The A-Go Operation May-June 1944" is one of the extensive Monograph series compiled after the war from interviews and review of those documents that were found at that time. The Preface sets out the limitations of these documents.

Japanese Monograph 91"The A-Go Operations Log Supplement May June 1944" is as advertised; a log of that operation. The comments above apply to this document.

"A-Go" Operation, Detailed Summary of Reconaissance and Air Attacks (15-22 June 1944) First Mobile Force Action Report, Naval Battle West of Saipan Item 2B

The Battle of the Philippine Sea, June 1944: This is a scan of my book by the same title. It was written in 1972-4. If written today many things would be changed, but not the basic sequence of events. I drew all of the maps and copied the CIC track charts from original sources. I take credit/blame for any errors in the maps or in the transcribing of the track charts. This section will be updated to include comments. That is a work in progress.  I will also include notes on editing errors. The original included photos. These have been omitted because the quality of the photostatic copies is poor. Later works, particularly Barrett Tillman's "Clash of the Carriers", have more up to date tables of organization for the Japanese air groups.

errata: In several places in the text the terms kanji and romaji are mixed. Kanji is the use of Chinese characters for writing Japanese. Romaji is the use of the Roman alphabet to write Japanese phonetically.