Imperial Japanese Navy in World War II (Japanese Monograph 116)

Imperial Japanese Navy in World War II


This document is a graphic presentation of the Japanese Naval Organization and List of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels Lost or Damaged in the War; Japanese Monograph 116. The format appears from time to time in the Maru series, particularly those volumes that are dedicated to entire ship types. I have this in hard copy and saved as a series of zip files. Fair warning some have had trouble downloading the zip files which can be found at:


The book contains 12 chapters as follows:

00: Index and Introduction; 7pp*

01: Organization of the Fleets; 30pp*

02. Organization of the Area Fleets, 22pp*

03: Organization of the Air Fleets; 12pp*

04: Organization of the General Escort Command; 8pp*

05: Organization of the Submarine Forces; 35pp*

06: Organization of the Naval Ship Divisions; 24pp*

07: Organization of the Naval Air Groups; 51pp*

08: Monthly Losses of Combatant and Non Combatant Vessels; 71pp*

09: Chronological Summation of Japanese Submarine Losses; 5pp*

10A: Appendix A Alphabetical list of Combatant Vessels; 15pp*

10B: Appendix B Alphabetical list of Non-Combatant and Converted Vessels; 25pp*