First Mobile Fleet Doctrine

In April 1941, with the formation of First Air Fleet (Dai Ichi Koku Sentai), the Japanese were the first to place their carriers under a single umbrella separate and apart from the battleship and cruiser forces. This organization served them well through 1942 but the battles of 1942 forced a rethinking of their original concepts. In the spring of 1944 they reorganized the major combatant arms of the navy and placed them under a carrier centered force, First Mobile Fleet (Dai Ichi Kido Kantai). This is table of contents of the doctrine issued by Admiral Ozawa for that Fleet.

         First Mobile Fleet Doctrine
I. General Rules
II. Combat
A. Combat Policy
B. Standard Distribution of fighting forces
C. Classification of combat methods
D. Attack dispositions
E. Air Combat
1. Surface mobile operations
a. General Policy for air combat
b. Dawn air combat
c. Dusk air combat
d. Night air combat
2. Air combat utilizing land bases
F. Surface engagments
G. Invasion operations
III. Procedure
A. Order of cruising under alert (Keikaikoko)
B. Order of approach
C. Deployment
D. Movements
E. Air combat
F. Gunnery engagements
G. Picking up returning airplanes
H. Smoke screens
I. Use of radar ranging equipment.