Destroyer Procedure

Destroyer Procedure was issued by Second Fleet as Ultra secret Standing Order #21 on !8 December 1943. It is 85 pages and like its companion document has numerous diagrams: Anti submarine search methods (4), echo ranging sweep formations (2), echo ranging by "bounds" (4), minesweeping (17), minesweeping for an anchorage (2), line abreast formations and regulations for maneuvers (1), evasive maneuvers when under aircraft attack (7), Special serpentine movements (4), 41 in all. The most interesting items are those special maneuvers for ships under attack. This sheds light on the notion that their ships maneuvered at random when under attack from the air. They did not.  

B. Destroyer Procedure
II. Gunnery
A. Basic organization of combnied naval 
landing party
III. Torpedoes and mines
A. Regulations for preparation of torpedoes 
and depth charges
B. Regulations for conducting torpedo action
C. Regulation for preparation for immediate
torpedo action
D. Regulations for underwater ranging
E. Regulations for mine sweeping
IV. Aerial Navigation
V. Maneuvers
A. Internal regulations for maneuvers
B. Regulation for evasive maneuvers when 
under airplane attack
VI. Engineering 
  A. Internal regulations for control and operation 
of engines
B. Internal regulations for readiness and 
standard engine preparations for rough 
VII. Communications
A. Regulations for wireless communications
B. Regulations for signal communications