Destroyer Doctrine

Destroyer Doctrine was issued on December 18, 1943 by Second Fleet as Ultrasecret Standing Order #20. It is 40 pages in length and contains numerous diagrams; Alert Cruising Orders (3), Approach Orders (2), Scouting Dispositions (6), Strike plans (2; 4 destroyer divisions, 3 destroyer divisions), Attack Dispositions (9), Gunnery Engagement Formations (2), Maneuvers after forming (1), Methods for laying smoke screen (2), 25 in all.

A. Destroyer Doctrine
I. General Principles
II. Alert, Approach & Scouting
A. General Rules
B. Alert
C. Approach
D. Scouting
III. Combat
A. Combat policy
B. Types of Combat (combat methods)
C. Day Engagements
  1.Fleet Action
2.Day engagements with enemy
light forces
3. Order of battle
D. Night Engagements
1. Night engagements in open 
2. Night engagements with 
enemy light forces
3. Night engagements in 
narrow waters
IV.Combat Regulations
A. Torpedo Action
B. Gunnerry engagements
1. Day gunnery engagements
2. Night gunnery engagements
3. Illumination by searchlights and
star shells
C. Antiaircraft combat
D. Maneuvers
E. Communications
F. Air combat
G. Mins sweeping operations
H. Smoke Screens