Cruiser Doctrine

This is a 15 page document issued by Second Fleet on 22 Jan 1944 for use by Cruiser Divisions assigned to that force. It consists of a cover sheet and text. It was typed and mimeographed for distribution to appropriate commands. About forty copies were made. The outline of the text is self explanatory. In addition to the text there is a sheet illustrating fire distribution for two, three or four ships units; 30 diagrams in all. The diagrams are exact tracings from the original.

Cruiser Doctrine (1944)
I. General Principles
II. Alert
A. General Rules
B. Cruising Under Alert (Keikaikoko)
C. Entering and leaving port
D. At anchor under alter
III. Combat
A. Combat Policy
B. Combat Formations
C. Day Engagements
1. Fleet action
2. Action against enemy auxiliary forces
D. Night Engagements
1. Night Engagements over wide areas
2. Night Engagements in narrow waters
3. Actions against destroyers and torpedo 
E. Air Combat
IV. Combat Regulations
A. Antiaircraft combat
B. Surface gunnery engagements
1. Day gunnery engagements
2. Night gunnery engagments
3. Use of antiaircraft cannon and machine
guns in surface engagements
C. Torpedo Action
1. General Rules
2. Day torpedo action
3. Night torpedo action
D. Air combat
E. Depth charge action
F. Maneuvers
G. Smoke Screens