Combined Fleet Operations Orders 1941-4

This volume contains 43 Operations Orders and Serials issued between late 1941 and the eve of the Battle for Leyte Gulf. Many are of the mundane such as periodic updating of tables of organization, etc. and may or may not have appeared elsewhere in published sources.

Vol 8 Combined Fleet Operations Orders, Orders and Serials 1941-1944
I. Operation Order #1 Combined Fleet Operations in case of war with
U.S. Great Britain and the Netherlands
II. Operation Order #2 First Preparations for war
III. Operation Order #7 Additional procedure against enemy and neutral
IV. Dispatch Order 21 removing limitations in OpOrd 7 regarding submarine
and aircraft attacks on shipping.
V. Operations Order #4 Movement of forces for AL and MI Operations, standard 
air patrols, codes etc
VI. Order #3 regarding pencil notes in signal books
VII. Memorandum Order #13 sets forth proposed plans to rewrite much of
doctrine among other things.
VIII. OpOrd #40 sets out defense plans for SE, South seas, SW and NE areas
IX. OpOrd #41 sets out defense plans for Pacific Ocean Front; Plan Z
X. OpOrd #42 Interception Zone Operations
XI. OpOrd #43 Combined Fleet basic table of organization August 1943
XII. OpOrd #45 Corrections
XIII. OpOrd #46 Supply organization
XIV. OpOrd #50 Submarine dispositions for Plan Z
XV. OpOrd #52 Truk Flight Control Regulations
XVI. OpOrd  #54 Allocation of Combined Fleet forces for Third Phase Ops.
XVII.OpOrd$55 sets out defense plans for Indian Ocean Front Play Y  
XVIII. OpOrd #59 Revises third phase allocation of forces of Combined
XIX, OpOrd #60 same as #59
XX. ?
XXI. OpOrd #69 Revised allocation of Combined Fleet 
XXII. OpOrd #73 Revised Plan Z
XXIII. OpOrd #74 Revised allocation of Combined Fleet
XXIV. OpOrd #76 Outline of A Operation 
XXV. Dispatch: Admiral Toyoda assumes command of Combined Fleet
XXVI. Standing Order #20 Detailed Tabulation of Division of fleets of the
Combined Fleet
XXVII. Revised Allocation Third Phase Operations: Combined Fleet
XXVIII. OpOrd #78 Assignment of supply forces
XXIX. Regulations for Identification of Combined Fleet airplanes
XXX. Standing Order #21 Identification codes for Identification of Friendly
XXXI. Special Order #42 Combined Fleet Regulations re patrol codes
XXXII. OpOrd #82 Regulations for Base Air Force Air Patrols
XXXIII. OpOrd #83 Distribution of Forces
XXXIV. OpOrd #84 Allocation of Forces
XXXV. OpOrd #85 Distribution of outline of operations
XXXVI. OpOrd #86 Air Combat Regulations for Sho Operations
XXXVII. OpOrd #87 Outline for Advanced Expeditionary Force SHO
XXXVIII. OpOrd #90 Revision of Combined Fleet Operations
XXXIX. OpOrd #91 Revisions of OpOrd
XL. OpOrd #92 Joint operations of Naval Forces
XLI. OpOrd #94 Patrol Sectors Combined Fleet Air Forces
XLII. OpOrd #96 Amphib Counterattacks SHO
XLIII. Memorandum 27 on Operations Orders