Combined Fleet Doctrine

This 55 page document was issued on 5 December 1943 to most commands in the navy. It sets forth doctrine for the Combined Fleet and, more particularly, its battleships. The volume I have is #1 Combat. Volume 2 is Screening which I do not have. The volumes on Mobile Fleet Doctrine, Signal Appendix to Mobile Fleet Doctrine, Diversion Attack Force Doctrine, Night Operations Force Doctrine, Cruiser Doctrine, and Destroyer Doctrine and Procedure cover that area however. There are diagrams illustrating anti-submarine formations (4), gunfire distribution for the battleship divisions (14) and directing gunfire (4) for a total of 22 diagrams.  

Vol 7         Combined Fleet Doctrine, 1943, Book 1, Combat
General Principles
I. Combat
A. General outline
B. Outline of Interception (Yogeki) zone combat
i. General outline of interception zone combat
ii. Interception zone combat involving sorties
iii. Checking enemy raids and counterattacking in interception zone combat
C. Major fleet engagements
i. General rules
ii. Major fleet engagements centered around operations of base air forces
iii. Major fleet engagements centered around operations of the Task Force
D. Air combat
i. General Rules
ii. Base Air Combat
iii. Mobile Force Air Combat
E. Surface action
i. Approach
ii. Deployment
iii. Day Actions
iv. Dusk Actions
v. Night Actions
vi. Dawn Actions
vii. Immediate Actions
viii. Actions in Narrow Waters
II. Screening (Note: II and the appendix are in Book Two)*
III. Essentials
A. Communications
i. General Rules
ii. Ship Communications
iii. Communications of communications units
iv. Communications of air forces
B. Interception Zone Combat
i. Preparation for continuous supply
ii. Transport in the face of the enemy and harassing enemy transport
iii. Combat for repulsing an enemy attacking force from an adjacent area
C. Advanced Expeditionary Force (Senken Butai) operations
D. Air Combat
E. Night Action
F. Antiaircraft Action
G. Antisubmarine Warfare
H. Action against torpedo boats
I. Escort of shipping
J. Gunnery Action
K. Torpedo Action
L. Mine Warfare
M. Movement
N. Smoke screens
O. Electric ranging (radar)
i. General rules
ii. Radar detection and ranging
P. General action Reports and urgent action reports