Carrier Division 4 Doctrine 11-41

Carrier Division Four (Dai Shi Koku Sentai 4sf) was organized in April 1941 when the carriers were placed under one administrative organizaion, First Air Fleet (Dai Ichi Koku Kantai). In November 1941 Admiral Kakuta issued Carrier Division Four Doctrine. It is one of the few actual aircraft carrier doctrinal publications in English for the first year of the war. The document is 16 pages in length and includes diagrams for Alert Cruising Orders (8 in all). These are noteworthy in that they only show the carrier and a plane guard destroyer, Japanese practice at this time. In addition there are diagrams showing patrol along the line of advance (4 in all), direct anti submarine escort (3 in all; 1, 2 and 4 aircraft), security against trailing enemy submarines (3 in all; 1 or 2 aircraft), search diagrams (5 in all employing 2, 3 or 4 aircraft), and anti aircraft patrol (pre radar warning patrol).  There are also tables of organization for Combat Air Patrol and the like. Bearing in mind that 4sf was a single ship division and that ship was smallish the document does not vary greatly in its tables from those found in many sources for the ships in Admiral Nagumo's force.

Carrier Division 4 Doctrine (27-11-41)
I. General Principles
  A. Cruising under Alert
B. Air Security
1. Patrol of route of advance
2. Direct Antisubmarine Escort
3. Security against trailing by enemy Submarines
4. High Altitude direct escort
5 Anti submarine patrol
C. Identification of Friendly Forces
III. Search Reconaissance & Tracking
IV. Combat
A. Combat Policy
B. Air Combat
C. Gunnery Engagements
D. Torpedo Engagements
E. Depth Charge Action
V. Procedure
A. Battle speeds
B. Smoke Screens
C. Methods of Airplane Standby
D.Panel Signals from Aboard ship to direct escort planes