Battle Lessons, Torpedoes vol 6; Nov. 1943

This document was issued by the Torpedo School on 5 November 1943. The translated copy was 44 pages in length. It covers the cruiser-destroyer actions between April and September 1943. It is a fairly typical "battle lessons" document with descriptions of the actions, comments and recommendations from participants regarding equipment, tactics, observations of enemy equipment and tactics and the like. In addition to action plots (4 in all) for the battles included in the document there is a plot of a series of experimental torpedo firings using radar and visual torpedo fire control.    

Battle Lessons Learned in the Greater East Asia War
(Torpedoes). Vol. VI. Torpedo School Publication 5 Nov.1943
Introductory Remarks
I. Tactics (Localized Night Warfare-unnumbered para)
A. Specialized Considerations in the Conduct of Night 
Operations in Localities Where the Enemy is Particularly Alert
B. The Role of Radar in Night Actions.
1. Transport Operations
2. General
II. Equipment
A. Control Equipment
B. Radar Equipment (TN: Dempa Heiki)
C. Firing Equipment
III. Manipulation of Equipment
IV. Emergencies in Torpedo Warfare
V. System of Organization
I Summary of Major Actions
A. Night Action in Kula Gulf (5-6 July 1943)
B. Night Action off Kolombangara Island (12-13 July 1943)
C. Night Action off Vella Lavella (6 August 1943)
D. Night Action off Vella Lavella (17-18 August 1943)
II. Extracts from Each Units Impressions of the Characteristics
(Tactics) of American Forces