Battle Lessons, Torpedoes Annex to vol 6 MTBs

This document was issued by the Torpedo School on 5 November 1943 and is a companion to the Battle Lessons Torpedo document of the same date. It covers the period late 1942 to the fall of 1943. The translated version is 30 pages in length. A number of encounters between Japanese coastal vessels and USN PT boats are described. The format is typical "battle lessons".

Battle Lessons Learned in the Greater East Asia War 
(Torpedoes), Annex 1 to Vol. VI, Torpedo School 
Publication 5 November 1943 Motor Torpedo Boats
I. Introductory Remarks
II. Methods of Using PT Boats in Local Actions
III.Methods of Combating PT Boats
IV. Extracts from Opinions of Various Branches on
Enemy PT Boats
I. Extracts from directions (pertaining to PT Boats) on 
Strengthening defense in the MARSHALLS Area (31 
August 1943)
II. Extracts from Opinions on Battle Lessons by PT 
Boat Division Commanders in Eastern New Guinea
(1 September 1943)
III. Extracts from Opinions of the Commander of the 1st
Company of the 2nd Shipping Engineers Regiment on
Combating PT Boats (31 August 1943)