Allied Translator and Interpreter Section Documents (ATIS)

Allied Translator and Interpreter Section documents (ATIS)


I have a partial list of ATIS documents arranged as follows:


  1. Indices


  1. Organization and Function of ATIS (5 items listed)


  1. ATIS Bulletins containing information developed by a series of interrogations, etc, of informants from various areas. (4 items listed)


  1. ATIS Enemy Publications. Translations of captured Japanese Documents. (76 items listed)


  1. ATIS Glossary of Japanese Terms. Lists of words, phrases and proper names issued by ATIS for uniformity in future ATIS publications.


  1. ATIS Interrogation Reports. Translations from interrogations of Prisoners of War. (3 items listed)


  1. ATIS INVESTORIES. Lists of probably or general value translations to provide definitive data concerning captured documents. 


  1. ATIS Lists of Japanese Warships


  1. ATIS Numbered Translations. Questionaires, orders, plans, etc. (4 items listed)


  1. ATIS Publications. Glossaries of terms not found in dictionaries, etc. (7 items listed)


  1. ATIS Questionaire A compilation of questions to be asked.


  1. ATIS Research Reports (17 items listed)