Contact Information

I am a Lecturer in Economics at University of Bristol, United Kingdom. Here you can find my cv and information about my research.

Address:         Department of Economics
                       8 Woodland Road,
                       Bristol BS8 1TN
                       United Kingdom

Published Papers:

1. "Robust Inference for the Two-Sample 2SLS Estimator" (with F. Windmeijer), 2016, Economic Letters.  

2. "Two-Sample Least Squares Projection", 2017, Econometric Reviews.

Working Papers:

Work in Progress:

4. "Semiparametric Efficiency in Linear Pseudo-Panel Data Models: With an Application to DiD Regression".

5. "Measuring the Wealth Elasticity of Risky Assets Demand: Evidence from Interval-Censored Survey Data" (with C. Bontemps and T. Magnac).

6. "Estimating Dynamic Panel Data Models with Missing Outcomes" (with F. Windmeijer).

7. "Counting Biased Forecasters: An Application of Multiple Testing Techniques" (with F. Gomez).

8. "Measuring Inequality from Contaminated Data: A Partial Identification Approach" (with F. Gomez).  

9. "Estimating a Dynamic Binary Choice Model from Repeated Cross Sections".

10. "Estimating Semiparametric Bounding Functions". 

11. "More on Regressions, Short and Long".