Line Number Addin for VC++6.0


Do you like the "line number" feature in VS.Net?

If you are using VC++6.0, it's time to have this feature NOW:

    1. Download this addin; (Version: v0.091  -  Last update: 2007-4-10)

    2. Activate it from Visual Studio IDE menu: "Tools->Customize->Addins and Macro Files". (if you don't save it to VS's addin directory, you will have to browse for it.)

OK, now you can see the line number on the left side of code window! (There are some limitation in unregistered version: only 3 code windows are line-numbered at most, and only the first 500 lines are line-numbered. To use full function, please register.)



This addin is a shareware, so if you like it, please register, the cost is $14.99.

And after registering, you can get 10 free register codes at any time! (You can give them to your friends, or use them when you re-install system.)

To register, contact