David Gunawan
Postdoctoral Fellow
UNSW Business School

I am a postdoctoral research fellow in the school of Economics, UNSW business School at the University of New South Wales working under the supervision of Professor Robert Kohn. I am also an Associate Investigator in ARC Center of Excellence for Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers. 

I have a general and broad interest in Bayesian computations, both from a methodological and applied perspective. From methodological perspective, I am interested in posterior simulation methods, such as Markov chain Monte Carlo, Sequential Monte Carlo, particle Markov chain Monte Carlo, Variational Approximations, Approximate Bayesian Computation methods. From applied perspective, I am applying the Bayesian computational methods to solve real world problems in many areas of application, such as economic inequality and poverty, health, cognitive psychology, and time series state space models. 

Besides my research I am also passionate about teaching. I have taught numerous courses in econometrics and statistics.