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My program of research examines how social transmission processes and our evolved psychology interact to influence our perceptions of what is attractive and our close relationships. My work uses perspectives from social psychology, health psychology, and evolutionary psychology to better understand human motivations and attractions.
I also investigate the factors shaping body image dissatisfaction, health, self-regulation, and close relationships among gay, lesbian, and heterosexual men and women.  This work investigates how these experiences differ for ethnic minority versus majority men and women. 

To examine these factors, I conduct large-scale cross-cultural projects, assess biological factors such as hormone levels, conduct experimental studies, and collaborate with the news website msnbc.com to collect samples of 20,000-80,000 participants who answer surveys on topics related to relationships, sexuality, and body image.





David Frederick, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor in Health Psychology
Crean School of Health and Life Sciences
Chapman University
Orange, CA 92866
Email: enderflies1 'at' aol 'dot' com (Obfuscation to avoid spam)
Website: https://sites.google.com/site/davidfrederickpsychology/