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Science Career Week Grant Application


Goal of Program/Event:  Our goal for science career week is to introduce our students to careers in the science and technology field.  We feel that educating students about careers in science may attract them to these fields in college.  We feel it is extremely important for our students go into these fields as it is rapidly becoming more of an international field.  Talking to our students about the possible careers for them in the classroom is one dimensional; being able to immerse them into the daily lives of these professionals would be inspirational.



Expected Outcomes:  At the end of the field trip, we hope our students will have a more in depth understanding of careers in science and technology.  Since the students will be observing these careers first hand, hopefully this will encourage students to pursue science and technology related fields in college.


Description:  Our plan is to take students on a field trip to Merck, a pharmaceutical company in Lansdale, PA.  The field trip will last approximately 3 hours.  The first hour will consist of a tour of the facility leaded by one of the Merck employees.  This tour will show students the ins and outs of working at a pharmaceutical company and will introduce them to the many different jobs they have there.  The second hour will consist of a presentation given by one or more employees which includes background information about the company, some of the products they make and also various jobs people may have.  The third hour will consist of a lunch and question answer session with a few employees where students can ask questions about their career which may include education required, daily duties, etc. 


Program Expenses

Expense Request from DVIN

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Lunch for students and Merck employees (~80 people)




Outreach Materials