Dranikoff's Platform

Creating Jobs

Jobs are created by increasing demand of products or services.  Jobs are created by new technologies.  Jobs are created through responsible government programs.  Jobs are created by the intelligent use of government contracts. Jobs are created by educating the work force to take advantage of industries that are seeking employees i.e. technology.

There is a governmental roll in all of the above techniques. Our government can be a stimulus to achieve greater work potentials in each of the areas mentioned above. 

How do we balance the Budget and what do we do with the savings?

We start by using an accounting term called Zero bases budgeting. This system requires our government to review every agencies budget from dollar one. Our current system starts at last year’s numbers and always goes up from there. Government agencies must discard old antiquated priorities and replace them with new ideas. They must be forced to reduce their budgets instead of asking for more money that isn’t there.

The Congress and the President must declare a moratorium on EAR MARKS! Absolutely no Ear Marks in any upcoming budgets.

According to the Cato Institute the federal government spends about $90 billion annually to a select group of corporations that includes direct payments to businesses, subsidies to large corporate farmers and some favored industries. The oil industry gets favored tax credit.

There should be a peace dividend. The Iraq war cost the American people roughly $100 billion per year. The war is over and that money should be returned to the US Treasury department.

What do we do with the savings?

We return 70% of the peace dividend to the treasury and we use the remaining to:

  • Carefully and responsibly fix our roads, bridges, ports and electric grids creating millions of new construction and engineering jobs. We need to prepare our country for the future not the past. A Strong America is our most powerful international weapon.
  • We need to encourage new small businesses with micro loans. New entrepreneurs often need a little help getting started and it is in our best interest to offer that help.
  • The Federal tax system is broken it contains over 70,00 pages of regulations. It has to be simplified and made more transparent so all of us can understand it. Our industry partners are screaming for a lower tax rate. Fine lets give it to them but at the same time lets take back all the special interest deductions.

We need to live within our means. We must adopt this plan to reduce our Federal debt.


How do we improve education in America?

Constitutionally, education is a state responsibility. It makes good sense for educational control to remain closest to the people served. The Federal government should therefore send available money back to the states using a population matrix formula. This way we eliminate a government bureaucracy and the tax payers will get the most bang for their dollars. Having said that, the country took an interesting step over the past year with the adoption in almost every state of common core standards in language arts and math. Such steps can help raise the level of education nationwide. Additional steps like government funded programs to train teachers both pre-service and in-service, can be a national role that will help raise academic performance

Social security, Medicaid, and Medicare program are becoming unsustainable.

The social security program is not currently threatened by ultimate collapse. It needs to be strengthened but a functionally run government could very easily accomplish this goal by simply raising the threshold.

I am a senior and I understand how important my Medicare benefits are but I also understand that Medicare as written could destroy the budget. We need to create a sustainable Medicare. For example, the drug program signed into law by George W. Bush gave the pharmaceutical companies a no bid contract. The republican congress estimated the cost at $350 billion but three weeks after it was signed, the CBO estimated the cost at over $600 billion. I would change the formula from no bid to bid which would help save the program.

Immigration and a border wall.

This issue is more emotional than substantive. We need to do what is in the best long term interests of America. Foreign students studying in our universities should be given on graduation a right to stay and work here in America. These well educated people can develop the products of tomorrow, strengthen our industries and create new job opportunities. If we throw them out they will develop those opportunities somewhere else.  Farm workers should be given visas to help our farmers get their crops to market. If we throw them out we will erode the farming industries. Illegals that drain our country of valuable resources should be deported. There are answers to this question but it requires the Congress to behave rationally instead of idealistically.