INF582 - Natural Language Processing

Computer Science M1 programme (PA-info)

École Polytechnique


This course is in English

Part of the INF582 module in collaboration with Michalis Vazirgiannis.

Syllabus (for my part of the course):

  • Lexical statistics and language models (n-gram models; neural language models)

  • Sequence Labelling: Named Entity Recognition, Part Of Speech tagging using Hidden Markov Models and Conditional Random Fields

  • Introduction to Statistical Parsing, elements of Machine Translation

  • Semantics - Knowledge Bases, Relation Extraction, Knowledge Graph embeddings (transE and similar methods)

Moodle: (2019-2020) (2020-2021)

Additional Material:


  • D.Jurafsky and H.Martin: Speech and Language Processing (draft)

(page in construction)