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You are on the webpage of Davide Branduardi. I am senior applications scientist for Schrodinger Inc. since July 2015. I live in London, UK.

This page will be maintained just for keep some updates regarding the academic (and maybe other) side of my life therefore this page does not reflect the 
opinions of Schrodinger Inc.

Formerly I was scientist at Janssen Prevention Center (formerly Crucell Vaccine Institute) in Leiden, the Netherlands where I worked with in-silico techniques on protein engineering projects and small-molecules projects. There I learnt a lot on the world of biologics from the great colleagues I had. Getting out of my academic cocoon was a formidable challenge but truly exciting, and a real eye-opener for me. Additionally, there I discovered how deeply I love dutch borrel.
Before that I was postdoc at Max Planck for Biophysics in Frankfurt am Main, in Theoretical Molecular Biophysics group led by Josè Faraldo-GomezMy main research focus is on free energy estimates of chemical reactions and allosteric transitions via molecular simulations.
In particular develop and employ path based methods (Path Collective Variables approaches and String Methods) for optimizing reaction paths. To this aim, I actively collaborate in developing PLUMED which is a set of open source (L-GPL) routines  that can add enhanced sampling capabilities to existing molecular dynamics codes.
Before coming to Frankfurt I got my Master in Material Science in Milan, I spent one year at Mario Negri institute for pharmacological research and later did my PhD in Michele Parrinello's research group at ETHZ. After that I joined the D3 department at IIT in Genoa for a postdoc in the computational unit. 

Recent Announcements

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  • Leiden is my new home! I just moved to Leiden, the Netherlands to start a new adventure in Crucell Vaccine Institute (Johnson&Johnson). I am learning a lot of exciting new stuff from amazing people ...
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  • String method for freely tumbling system String method is a technique to calculate minimum free energy paths for reaction mechanism that go from a reactant to a product. The "string" is a set of states that ...
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  • PLUMED/FHI-aims micro tutorial Hi all, me and Luca M. Ghiringhelli(see his webpage here) assembled a micro tutorial to use FHI-aims together with PLUMED in occasion of FHI-aims Developers’ and Users ...
    Posted Sep 4, 2012, 5:43 AM by Davide Branduardi
  • Metadynamics with flexible Gaussians There were rumors saying that was possible. Doing metadynamics with Gaussian hills calculated on the fly. Uh...ehm. What is metadynamics? It is a method to calculate free energy profiles ...
    Posted May 25, 2012, 11:28 PM by Davide Branduardi
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