David Deyell, Watercolor Artist, Author, Architect, AIA Emeritus, retired member University of California

Teaches weekly art classes in Agoura Hills and Oak Park California.
Available to do demonstrations/ with explanation, teach workshops, & judge art shows.
David's Art can be purchased only at art galleries, art shows, and workshops; but not online.

BOOK: ART OF PLEIN AIR WATERCOLOR by David Deyell NOW AVAILABLE AT AUTRY MUSEUM of AMERICAN WEST! Ask for it at the book store counter.
    David shares his enthusiasm for plein air painting & tips on composition, values, color, materials & methods. 
Book contains over 100 examples of original paintings, plus photos of painting fun & easy.  This is a high quality 8.5" by 11" book, printed in California. 
If you wish to order by mail, send check ($35+ tax & shipping for USA customers) $40.00 total to 
David A. Deyell P.O. Box 7026 Thousand Oaks CA, 91359.  Provide shipping address. You can obtain a book directly from David directly at his art events. The book is also purchasable on at the Yosemite Art Center.

COMPLETED VWS PLEIN AIR & TRAIN TRIP to Union Station L A. Friday June 8,2018. All artists welcome. No fee, but you provide 
transportation and lunch. Consider the #106 Metrolink train with several artists. Meet in front of Union Station about 9 AM & sketch and photograph Olivera Street area. Join other artists for lunch at Philipps, Dim Sum or Mexican Restaurants. 
David will demonstrate after lunch. This is a TOMFONG STYLE event. Either by car or train let David & Liz know if you are attending with cell phone numbers. watercolorists@netzero.net & lizblum@mac.com. COMPLETED WITH 20 PLUS PARTICIPANTS.
Weekly Classes:

City of Agoura Hills Recreation and Events Center
29900 Ladyface Court, Agoura Hills 818.597.7366
Tuesdays 12 noon to 3PM. Verify time and room location when signing up.
TWO DEMONSTRATIONS, ONE WET INTO WET. Classes are continuous, sign up for monthly rates but drop ins are welcome. Beginners welcomed.

Oak Park Community Center
1000 Kanan Road, Oak Park California
818.865.9304 Wednesdays 6:30 to 8:30 PM (Homework checked at 6:15 PM).
ONE FULL PAINTING DEMONSTRATION. Classes are continuous, sign up for monthly rates but drop ins are welcome. Beginners welcomed.
Procedure for both classes:
Instructor draws and paints a 22" by 15" watercolor landscape every class. David will talk as he draws and paints, 
explaining the creation process.  Students will be given a handout showing the scene to be turned into a painting.
Students will provide their own materials and a suggested material list will be given out at signup.

WINKLE, TOM FONG, & TONY COUCH, he will share what he learned from them at classes, workshops, 
demonstrations and critiques.

COMPLETED: YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK: WATERCOLOR WORKSHOP JULY 10 - 15, 2017 by David Deyell. Sign up with Yosemite Art Center. David has not yet contracted to paint at Yosemite for 2018. Special workshop pending.
209.372.4207. $15.00 donation per day to Yosemite Conservancy. Plein air demonstration each day & individual critiques.Come and see David paint and teach composition, design, color, values and paint applications.
See flier at bottom of this page for details. David has been teaching weeklong workshops at Yosemite for 18 years.

20th Annual Fukuhara Manzanar Workshop, David Deyell demonstrated Friday, May 19, 2017 at 9 AM in Alabama Hills. Lone Pine CA.
There were about 100 artists participating.

Completed: Wet into Wet Workshop for Westlake Village Art Guild 10 am to 3 pm. $60 day or $100 both days. Add $10 for nonWVAG members
Raffles, Samples, & Handouts. 3 demonstrations each day. Includes explanation of impact of plein air painting.
Location T O Community Gallery, 2331 Borchard Rd. Newbury Park, CA.
Questions: 805.494.1700. Mail & make check to WVAG PO Box 4573, Thousand Oaks CA 91359
Pending: Watercolor design, value planning & making plein air fun & easy at the Duggan Art Gallery, Acton, California.

July 10-15, 2017 Workshop @ Yosemite Art Center. See http://www.yosemiteconservancy.org for details. Includes book signing.

August 6-7, 2016 Demonstration @ Professional Arts Building, Ventura County Fair. Morning and afternoon. Includes book signing.

Evening of Thursday February 9, 2017 Demonstration for Valley Watercolor Society at SFV Art Center
One day watercolor workshop for Valley Watercolor Society Saturday, February 18, 2017 at SFV Art Center.
Details for demonstration and workshop check Valley Watercolor Society web page.

Examples of David's paintings:
    Contact David for locations of his work currently at art galleries.


Some of David Deyell's previous demonstrations/workshops 

     Pasadena Arts & Materials Show
    Fukuhara Workshop, Lone Pine 
    Westlake Village Art Guild 
    San Fernando Valley Art Club
    Leisure Art League, Seal Beach 
    Glendale Art Association
    Conejo Arts Council Workshop
    Santa Clarita Art Association
    Ventura County Fair
    Pacific Coast Art 
    Santa Paula Society of the Arts
    Simi Valley Art Association
    S.F. Valley Watercolor society
    Ventura City Art Walk
    Valley Watercolor Society Workshop
    Yosemite Conservancy Art Center
    Wawona - Thomas Hill Center in Yosemite National Park

David Deyell Demonstration, for artists at Alabama Hills in Lone Pine California, for the Henry Fukuhara Annual Workshop. 


David Deyell's writeup in the Yosemite Conservancy's magazine.


Yosemite Workshops




Pasadena Art Expo Demonstration and Classes


Typical Demonstration for an art guild


Example of a wet into wet workshop for an art organization. 


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