My services as a private consultant* are available on a short term or by-the-day basis to brands, agencies, businesses and organisations.
My strength and experience is in helping companies understand and act on the impact of social media / the web on their organisation and its processes.
This manifests in designing processes and organisations for greater customer participation driven by digital and social media.

Companies are 50% more likely to outperform their rivals and grow sustainable profit following this approach, according to McKinsey.

Please contact me directly for day rates and discounts on  ‘bulk bookings’ and retainers.

I look forward to working with you shortly.

Social Media Strategy Review or Development: Allow me to use my experience to assess the quality and fit with business purpose of your current social media strategy for immediate enhancement or refocus. Or ask me to create your top-level vision from scratch. 

Senior Team Workshop: To identify how ready your organisation is to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world – one which demands ever greater connectedness, openness and meaningful relationships with customers. Assessed against key principles. Goal states and gaps identified.

Process Design: Where and how are your processes customer-led? How could you build efficient and effective participation/insight through social media? Applies to processes from recruitment to marketing communications, new product development to executive decision making.

Business modelling: When developing a new business concept, are you building it with the principles of the new networked economy in mind? Straight-forward advice to reduce the risk of being beaten by more digitally and socially savvy rivals now or in the future.

Marcomms campaign design and evaluation: Engage me directly to help your teams design marcomms campaigns and plans to succeed in today’s peer-to-peer landscape.

Project team support: Effectively acting as a short-term non exec to apply my experience and know-how where required in your business at its points of current and greatest need.

* From May 1, 2014, I will be contracted full time. Please feel free to contact me to discuss any ways in which I can support you but note that my time and services will be supplied via a consulting company from this date.