YOU DID IT! Congratulations!

You have come to the end of the project. Although it may have seemed tough sometimes, you should evaluate your task in a very positive way, because you have been able to  cooperate with other students, you have looked for specific and general information, you have read lots of webpages and you have also been able to express yourselves in English. Thus, it is time you evaluate yourself, make a review of what you have achieved and how you collaborated with your partners.

Moreover,  you have also developed your TIC activities in an autonomous way . You had to do a research of information on the Internet, read all the information,  select it, contrast it and decide which was the most important one to be written in your project. Not to mention that you needed to have read the novel before and relate all these information to themes of the novel.

Finally, you have also learned that when you read a novel, you cannot just read the plot. There is always something else behind its lines and its characters : an author, a society, a criticism, a way of entertainment, history...  Through this webquest you have learnt about the Victorian Times, Charles Dickens and his novels, and have related those times of industrial developement to Dicken 's novel David Copperfield.

If you want to read the whole novel (not  the adapted version  click here.  You may also want to know about other authors  and compare their writing to Charles Dickens', their themes and characters , and see how the Victorian times influenced them. If this is so, go ahead!