David Cook Fan Bracelets

Show your David C. pride, AND support the Cook family     


9/4/2008 - Sorry, I haven't updated the page in a while, but the bracelets are still for sale!  At this point, expect between 1 and 3 weeks for shipping, as I'm trying to send them in batches, rather than one at a time.  Thanks for all the great work, wordnerds!

7/4/2008 - Happy 4th of July!  Another $1000 to the ABTA today!  Also, check out the photos page for some pics of David wearing the bracelet on tour!

7/1/2008 - Tour!!!  And now there's a new page just for shipping updates!

6/21/2008 - Check out the new banners to support our cause!

6/17/2008 - $10,000 mark has been reached!!!

6/15/2008 - Happy Fathers Day!  We are very very close to $10,000 raised just from the sale of these bracelets.  That's HUGE!!!!  And did you see David wearing the bracelet in the People Magazine shoot?  Thank you so much, everyone!  A third batch of bracelets has been ordered.

6/9/2008 - Second batch of bracelets has arrived!  Expect yours very soon, if you ordered between May 13th and June 3rd.  A third batch is being ordered for those who ordered June 4th and later.  Yes, I am still accepting orders!!!

5/31/2008 - Check out our page on the ABTA website to see how much we've raised for them already!

5/27/2008 - Bracelets are still for sale!  Check out the new pics to see the man himself wearing the bracelet, as well as his younger brother Andrew!  

5/22/2008 - VICTORY! 

5/15/2008 - David is in the finale!  CONGRATS!  The first batch of bracelets have been mailed out, and we're approaching 500 sold!  Thanks for the support! 

5/7/2008 - Almost 200 sold, let's keep it going!  I've added a FAQ page.

4/29/2008 - Keep up the  great work, Wordnerds!  We now have the official details on the look of the bracelet - it will be silicon/rubber (think Livestrong), a purple and gray swirl, and it will say "DAVID COOK ROCKS".

4/25/2008 - Launch!  As of now, the bracelets themselves are still in development.  Join the discussion over at the official American Idol forums to have a say in the design!

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Congratulations to our new American Idol!!!  He did it, and we helped! 

Bracelets are no longer being sold.  Thank you to everyone who bought one and wore it proudly!

We've been moved, touched, and rocked by David Cook's unforgettable performances on American Idol for this entire season.  Now, here's a way that we can both give back to him and his family, AND show our pride as fans of this self-proclaimed "word nerd".

-The first cause, of course, is to show your love and support for David!  (Pssst...all the cool Wordnerd fans will be wearing them!) 

 -Secondly, half of the proceeds from the bracelets will go to a fund specifically set up to help David's older brother Adam, who is suffering from a brain tumor.  Thankfully, Adam was able to attend the finale and watch David achieve his dream!  Everything fell into place, and the finale was an amazing experience for the entire Cook family.  Unfortunately, the medical bills and expenses continue to mount for Adam, along with his wife and two small children.  We have set up a fund at the Cooks' local bank, which you can read all about here.  All of that money goes directly to the Cook family, and will be used to help defray medical costs.

-Lastly, the other half of the proceeds from the sale of these bracelets will go to the American Brain Tumor Association, a great organization which supports much-needed research and support for patients and families.  Here's our official page which tracks how much money has been donated to the ABTA so far from bracelet proceeds - we're up to $6000!

I was lucky enough to be at the finale and present bracelets to the Cook family, including David.  He and his family know what the bracelets are about, and every time they encounter a fan wearing one, they'll know exactly how you helped them, as well as other families going through the same ordeal. 


Visit David's Cookie Jar, a website to hang out, meet other Cook fans, and talk about all sorts of things, including tons of fundraising projects!

If you're looking for even more ways to support the Cook family, check out this site: http://www.fanssupportadamcook.com

Check out Steve over at the David Cook Collective .