Past Footprints and Current Moshpit 

Welcome to a short summary of things I have been doing online.  At the moment, this page points to external sites, pages I have created, or published myself.  Some are, or include reprints of my work published by others. The purpose is to have someplace I can point to when People ask "Do You have a web site?"

Who am I?  I'm a recovering IT consultant reinventing myself as a musician, videographer, and restorer of vintage musical instruments.  Some of the recent video is linked here.  I'm also a former military journalist, and sometime online journalist.  My blog, Scribal Thrum, is where I sometimes post about journalism, economic reform, human rights, music, or technical topics in a disaster capitalism context.  I also collect videos at Vodpod.

The fractal art gallery of some of my work has disappeared along with geocities, but some of it might survive at the internet archive.  The link to the left reflects this.  I also had a fractal and human rights oriented site at Tripod once upon a time, but alas, that too is now gone.  Check archive.org for that.

 So this is a place for links to some my work, and perhaps a few tools I have found useful.