Welcome. I am an Associate Professor of economics at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. I am an applied Micro/Experimental economist. My research interests currently investigate individual behavior in public good and common pool resource experiments. I am particularly interested in how groups form and choose between various institutions (Peer-to-Peer v. Central Authority) that regulate their behavior. My current research is funded by the U.S. Forest Service and the International Foundation for Research in Experimental Economics.

Contact Information:

Department of Economics
302 Falmouth Hall
University of Massachusetts Lowell
1 University Ave
Lowell MA 01854
Office: 978-934 2755

Research in Progress
  • Heterogeneity, Information, and the Emergence of Central Authority
    • with Lawrence R. De Geest
  • Payoff Inequality and Behavior in a Generalized Ultimatum Game
    • with Michael Ciuchta and Kevin Strathdee

Published Research