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We are very pleased to announce that the lessons of Wing Chun and Chi Cong began to date June 12, 2011.

David Cheung trained under the Legendary Wong Shun Leung. He later helped teach in Wong Shuns' school for 6 years. After moving to Australia he taught at William Cheungs' School and later founded his own School.

In 1988 he was the first to promote the the Traditional Wing Chun system in Yugoslavia, from there the students that participated in the demonstrations continued to practice what they learned from him.

In 2008 David officially became associated with the Serbian Wing Chun Kung Fu Federation.

Rare and exceptional Interview of master david Cheung


Ak : Hello GM david Cheung, how do u dow? Thank you for giving me this interview.

DC : Im fine thanks.

Ak: When did you start wing chun?

DC : I started Wing Chun when I was 14, 1969, for 5 years. by that time , I did not even know any of my brother were doing WC at all. I had visited a lot of martial arts schools before I join WC, in those days, the most popular styles are Shao Lin , Hung gar , karate , judo , ju-jutse , chau gar praying-mantis, white eye-blow ,dragon style and the most renounced style was choi lee fut etc.

I had walked in the training hall of Wong Shun Leung kuen, I saw this fat fellow teaching and he had demonstrated a couple techniques in chi sao and that had actually caught my eyes , I did not see much but by hearing the slapping sound on the other guy`s face , I was impressed.

Ak : You had the chance to study with GM Cheung and Wong Shun Leung, so you know the two systems, what are the advantages and disadvantages of these systems?

DC : I had gone though both systems, actually there is quiet a bit of differents, Wong`s system follows the way that Yip Man tought every one by starting with chi-sao, until the student had profected the technique , then he is allowed to move on. Cheung`s system is to teach a lot of techniques all the way, ----one day , the students might pick up some or all of it. Wong havenot got much foot-works, has not got much broking of kicks, has not got much high kicks, sticking with a lot closer range. Cheung had got most of the mansioned about, it might require a lot more fitness to perform.

The advantage of Wong`s system is to make clear that ' the best defence is to in those days we always say `no mater what , I hit you first (ha ha ha).

Cheung`s system is emfessized on keep save when you move in and get out , but for my opinion is if I had already got in, I would not expect to get out until the other person is down.

Ak : That represents for you Chi Sao? and your idea of ​​Wing Chun today?

DC : Chi Sao...had been explaned by a lot of WC or VT followers, I have to add one line, which is , chi sao is a form of practice fo one to understand what to do and what not to do according to the knowledge of understanding of the WC or VT skills. This might lead to the fashionable WC or VT system, they should know what to do , so be able to wear the name of WC or VT worrier, So... what not to do is more important.

We do not have to copy or employ any technique from Ju-jutsu or wrestleings . I still say that Ng Mui or YIM Wing Chun did never need that , and it had been proved that nobody can J-J or wrestle them down on the floor.

I believe that they both had practice WC or VT chi-sao, getting all the answer from it.

My view is that , they may be practicing WC or VT, but not Ng Mui WC or VT, not Yim Wing Chun WC or VT.or even Yip Man WC or VT.

Ak : U are a master of Traditional Wing Chun, modified Wing Chun and Chi cong. What is the benefits of chi cong you teach?

DC : Qi Gong (Chi Kung) is an ancient method to regulate the `chemicals` in our body to improve our health and prevent sicknesses. FOR...all the health problem is caused by the `disordered ratios of Chemicals generated inside the human body`. These chemical discharge changes accordingly by the internal and external influences. Knowing how to monitor this , we can promote our health to a ultermost stages.

I would always apply some `detox` method first and then with the `induce emergy` method to help my followers, because if you do not clear the toxin from your body first , or in another ward, you only induce energy in you body, it will mix with the toxin in your body, then it will create more the way, we should know what harm would be done by the toxin in the body.

Ak : How can follow your teaching today? Will you organize further seminars in Europe?

DC : I am starting my first public teaching in Queensland , Australia. I will post some of the lesson in my cite, wing chun jung si david cheung. stay tune. I think I will still visit Europe for seminars in the future, depense on my supporters.

Ak : Thank u Master.

DC : Thanks.

Direct linéage of Yip man disciple, Wong shun leung and the Cheung familly ,

David is going to teach lessons in Brisbane Australia

from the 12th of June, every Sunday 5:30-7:00pm

60 Stamford Road, Indooroopilly. (Indooroopilly Senior Citizens Hall).

$15 per lesson. phone--0425285048 , international call--61425285048

                                         Interview by Alexandre Aco Kolarski (Professor of Wing Chun)

Interview Wing chun david Cheung download format .pdf (Special thanks at Kyomagazine)

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Chi Kung

Chi-Kung is an ancient method of health maintenance and disease prevention, which is zansniva on learning that the body should be in accordance with the cycles of change in day, night and seasons. When the body is in line with the natural cycles, energy flows freely and the body is healthy then . When the energy of the body disrupted due to internal or external influences such as lifestyle, electromagnetic radiation, diet, stress, contact with other people and when you pick up the so-called. bad energy comes to health problems, which over time can become chronic human body is controlled by hormones that regulate the work of all agencies and also influence our thoughts, emotions, mood, pshicke, physical abilities, immune system, and so on. When the energy flow due to changes disrupt sensitive balance of chemicals in the body leads to diseases. To restore the balance of chemicals in the body and restore health, people use other chemicals (various drugs) that are entered in different ways. Of course, this kind of treatment brings results, even very fast, but unfortunately there are always side effects of taking drugs that are not positive, and know how to be both unpleasant or even dangerous, depending on what the drugs are used. You also do not eliminate the real causes of disease, only consequences. Specific types of chi kung and it is possible not only to cure disease, but also remedied the cause of illness, and bring the energy of the body in optimal condition. There are also special types of chi kung dealing with detoxification of the body, which aims not only to maintain a balance of energy and release negative energy from the impact of environment, but also the cleansing of accumulated toxins organzma which are metabolically prodrukt of the organism under negative influences. In this way, prevention is done to help prevent disease and other zdravtvenih problems. Rzlika between my study and most other masters is that they teach people how to initiate, generate, receive, absorb new internal energy, but no one teaches you how to detoksiniše first body, that is, throw a bad, negative energy that could be receives a clean, new, positive, good energy. (We apologize for this translation, it is difficult in the original Chinese terms to translate and not to lose meaning, prim.aut.) The so-called filtration organism.

Articles and reflexions of grandmaster and doctor david Cheung (Kwong Yui Cheung) expert in Wing chun kung fu and Chi-Kung

There are several things that are important to practice martial arts. The first is, of course, the knowledge, just as important is understanding , because if someone do something and do not possess a uderstanding of concepts and principles, then what he is douing? And third, most important, is mutual respect between me...mbers of the same style , regardless of whether it is a student, master, or Grandmaster. More than 20 years I came to Serbia to pass the skills I have devoted my life to, and how I was doing then, I do the same way now. Each student is like a my own child to me, and to each student I try to transfers as much knowledge as he or she can accept at the time. My wish and my concern is that skills and knowledge I possess will be passed to good people, who will continue my work.

At one stage Wing Chun system had been passed on to the Red Boat with G,master Leung Yee Tai and Wong Wah Bo, that reminds me that any of the other masters had never been involved in Chinese Operas, But I am the only one who had been training with subject when I was in high school and the TV station, so I could show you some stuff I had learn in those days,
May be that is the reason I have got such good balance and speeds and timings---that helps .

In our days, we can only study anything when we turn up in training, we could not affort to miss any class. How luckly is now, we can follow anything from video.

I used to travel 1 hr 15 mins to training (by bus), and I never wanted to miss 1 minute of it.

a few minute from where I live, there are so many other styles of Kung Fu, But I did not choose any of them, I started WC before I even know some of my family members were involved for years, I had check out a lot of Kung Fu school, until I had seen Wong Shung Leung`s fat berry.

I had tried very hard in those days, I had tried even harder in 1983, I gave up everything in Hong Kong ,came to Australia to pick up the other bit of Wing Chun

(by Mr david Cheung)

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