Swiss "B" Resident

Swiss "B" Resident

On January 12, 2009, David Chase Taylor was issued an Ausländerausweis "B" (Foreign Nationals Resident Permit "B") by the Migrationsamt des Kanton Zürich, which certifies, for the purpose of travel in Switzerland, the identity and nationality of Taylor.

As a holder of an Ausländerausweis "B" resident permit, Taylor is entitled to the same protections under the Swiss Constitution as a Swiss citizen.

Ausländerausweis "B"

Document/Permit: Ausländerausweis "B"
Country: Switzerland
Permit #: ZH 2266202
Date Issued: January 12, 2009
Valid Until: July 19, 2015
Issuing Agency: Migrationsamt des Kanton Zürich