September 17, 2012 Letter

September 17, 2012 Letter 

Asylum Letter # 13

Date: September 17, 2012
From: David Chase Taylor
From: Migration Office of the Canton of Zürich  
Carrier: Die Post

Translated from German (Original PDF Below):

David Taylor
Bertastrasse 8
8003 Zurich, Switzerland
Character: ZH 2266202

Canton of Zurich Department of Migration
Berninastrasse 45
post office box
8090 Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich 17, September 2012

Dear Ms. Davoli

In letters from Mr Fricker, M.A. HSG in Law jur. Intern, 11 April 2012 and 19 April 2012, the following question was not answered within a legal or professional manner.

Is my case of political asylum under Swiss refugee policy / asylum [Asylum Law 142.31], and if not, under what legislation applies to my case for political asylum.

Mr. Fricker is NOT a lawyer, but a student, and therefore is not legally representing the Canton of Zurich Department of Migration in all binding legal matters, including my case for political asylum in Switzerland.

Please note that the above question can be answered by a licensed attorney legally and lawfully, and he must have the right to be allowed to practice in Switzerland.

Swiss law is very clear in regards to this matter and any further attempts to use students or interns as lawyers will not be tolerated.

This behavior borders on negligence, conspiracy and fraud and will never be accepted in Swiss Court.

Ultimately, from in relation to the letters 23rd March 2012 of the Migration Office of Zurich and the Federal Office for Refugees admitted that I have never been legally and officially withdrew my application and never gave up on my quest for political asylum in Switzerland and will.

Thanks for your time and understanding in this matter.


David Taylor
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