March 23, 2012 Letter

March 23, 2012 Letter 

Upon being informed by Ms. Nelly Davoli and Jans Lietz (attorney) at the Migration Office of the Canton of Zürich that he would be subjugated to Swiss Refugee law should he apply for asylum, Taylor cancled his March 14, 2012 appointment.

Shortly thereafter, Taylor recieved a letter dated March 23, 2012, from the 
Migration Office of the Canton of Zürich in which Taylor was asked to withdraw his request for political asylum. 

Taylor has no intention of ever withdrawing his bid for politcial asylum in Switzerland. 

Asylum Letter # 9

Date: March 23, 2012
From: Migration Office of the Canton of Zürich 
To: David Chase Taylor
Carrier: Die Post

March 23, 2012 Letter Translated from German (Original PDF Below)

Withdrawal of 08 asylum March 2012

David Taylor, 15/04/1977, Germany / USA

Resident: Bertastr. 8, 8003 Zurich

The undersigned declares that he called up asylum application on its own will

In a further application for asylum in Switzerland may not have occurred
are (Art. 32 paragraph 2 lit. s Asylum Act).

Place and date


As a supplement, you get: r is a form that you want us please return it signed.

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