April 19, 2012 Letter

April, 19, 2012 Letter 

Asylum Letter # 12

Date: April 19, 2012
From: Migration Office of the Canton of Zürich 
To: David Chase Taylor
Carrier: Die Post

Translated from German (Original PDF Below):
David Taylor, born 4/15/1977, Germany 

Legal issue / Diverse Applications 

Dear Mr. Taylor 

l hereby refer to FIG Their letter dated 03.17.2012 and the matter contained therein and the various applications. 

Since you received my letter dated 04.11.2012 is not in accordance with letter dated 17/04/2012 lhrem apparently, I am sending to the relevant lnformation Security lhnen again: 

To A: Yes, Their drops of any request for political asylum under the asylum law (Art. 2 and 3 of the Asylum Act). 

To 1: You apply for an exemption for any application for asylum Their such a law is not provided and therefore not possible. 

To 2 Alltällige evidence is seen only after the application for asylum. ln addition, you can while the asylum application submitted to us (Zurich Migration Office), responsible for the decision 

lhren on request but the Federal Office for Migration (Article 6 of the Asylum Act). 
At 3: Since the decision required under section 2 is not possible to occur if at the moment have any impact at your personal residence status. 

At 4: Here we vennreisen on the remarks made by Jan Leitz. When submitting an asylum application, you would lose the residence permit, B ". This is the case, because the asylum procedure is designed for people without an existing residence permit. 

At 5: This is not possible. Their application should be approved for asylum, they would turn a 'B' will receive a residence permit (Article 60 para 1 Asylum Act). 
It makes the present case of an asylum petition does not make sense. 

ln most cases you would receive after completing the procedure, another one,, 8 "permit. So you would have gained nothing, but would have suffered during the asylum process ahrens significantly poorer status (asylum law prohibiting the employment, etc.). 

l hereby Their hope I have answered questions to lhrer satisfaction. 

Best Regards...

Migrationsamt des Kantons Zürich

Fricker, M.A. HSG in Law jur. Praktikant

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